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Tarkine 4WD Travesty

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Monday, 8 December 2014

Tags: 4WD Tracks, takayna / Tarkine, Aboriginal Heritage

Premier Will Hodgman must immediately halt his government's plan to reopen 4WD tracks in the Tarkine, which will destroy unique Aboriginal heritage and ecological values.

"The tracks were closed because Aboriginal heritage and ecological values were being destroyed. Re-opening them is effectively granting a license for cultural and ecological vandalism," said Greens Parks spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

"The importance that the government places on protecting the values of the Tarkine can be seen by its determination to reopen the tracks before any work is done to even slightly enhance protection of those values."

"The government should stop, and sit down with Aboriginal and conservation representatives and do some listening for a change."

"This is a moral challenge for Mr Hodgman, who should remember that he is Minister for Aboriginal affairs not Minister for four wheel drives," Mr McKim said.