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Tasmanian Greens' Alternative Budget 2018-19

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Tags: Alternative Budget, State Budget

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens’ Leader

The Tasmanian Greens have set out the long term vision missing from the Liberals’ State Budget.

We unashamedly prioritise investment in the Tasmanian people and the places they love over roads, bridges and private profit

A State Budget is a statement of values that shapes the direction of a place and its people over the term of a government and beyond.

Our Alternative Budget is true triple bottom line budget that is underpinned by fairness and strategic vision, not the corporate welfare and the sale or exploitation of public assets.

In a truly 21st century budget, we must place the highest possible value on delivering a safe climate for our children and grandchildren.  Action on climate is at the heart of the Greens 2018-19 Alternative Budget.

The future health and prosperity of our island and its people demands a sustained, evidence based investment in climate mitigation and adaptation.  On this critical measure which was ignored by the Liberals, we deliver.

The Greens’ Alternative Budget prioritises investment in community and conservation.  It recognises the jobs of the future are dependent on a healthy environment and protection of Tasmania’s clean, green wilderness brand.  We understand the need for substantial increased investment to better protect the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and our world class Parks.

Our Alternative Budget ensures land use planning prioritises environmental protection, public participation and that it values shared public assets.  The Greens would reset the balance, away from taxpayer enabled generosity to corporations, developers and foreign interests, and invest in the public good.

We understand having a place to call home is a fundamental human right being denied to a growing number of Tasmanians.  Rather than splash tens of millions of dollars in public funding on a cable car at Cradle Mountain and commercial developments in the wilderness, the Greens would invest in healthy communities, quality public education and an increase in the supply of secure, affordable, energy efficient housing.

The booming visitor economy is not trickling down to the benefit of all Tasmanians.  We need to reframe the equation and require international travellers to chip in for the privilege of spending time on our beautiful island. 

The Liberals in government have their priorities wrong. Our Alternative Budget ends native forest logging, scraps the public funding to TasRacing and corporate welfare to Liberal cronies, instead providing a genuine Climate Plan, investing in animal welfare and housing.

The Greens will always place the highest value on protecting democratic institutions and the human rights of all citizens in a free and equal society.  These are values all fair minded Tasmanians share, and our Alternative Budget reflects – all without selling or exploiting Tasmania’s treasured public assets.