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Triabunna Mill Fiasco

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Monday, 6 October 2014

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The state’s tourism and business sectors are growing increasingly concerned about the damage being done to investor confidence due to the Liberal government’s refusal to rule out compulsory acquisition of the Triabunna wharf, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“The public support from east coast and state tourism leaders for the Spring Bay Mill proposal further highlights how out of touch and draconian the Hodgman government’s threat to compulsory acquire the wharf site is,” Mr Booth said.

“Local East Coast tourism organisations, and other key state stakeholders such as the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (TICT), have clearly recognised the huge potential presented by the $50 million Spring Bay Mill proposal.”

“The Liberals cannot keep bleating that the Spring Bay Mill proposal is all some “ greenie plot”, when key business stakeholders are coming out, publicly backing the proposal and urging the swift lodging of its Development Application."

“Nor can the Hodgman regime remain deaf to the growing concerned rumblings from within the private sector of the damage to investment confidence that this spectre of compulsory acquisition is causing.”

“The Premier is looking increasingly isolated and disconnected from reality over this issue.”

“Mr Hodgman has told the world that he is coveting Mr Wood’s property, yet incredibly, despite a $50 million investment with 200 jobs, he won’t talk to the owner.”

“This is a chilling message to all Tasmanian property owners that look out, the Liberals have your land in their sights.”

“It is also ironic when the Liberal Party, the so-called free market advocates, has to be reminded by some of its key business supporters that compulsory acquisition of this nature undermines the confidence of the private sector.”

“Come on, Mr Hodgman.  Do the responsible thing, rule out compulsory acquisition of this site, prove that Tasmania is indeed open for business and invest in restoring business confidence,” Mr Booth said.