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Two Weeks Left on Record Breaking Voluntary Assisted Dying Petition

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 23 July 2020

Tags: Voluntary Assisted Dying

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

"So strong is support for a safe, legal framework for voluntary assisted dying, the closing date for the Parliamentary e-petition for Voluntary Assisting Dying has been extended to August 6.

This will ensure all Tasmanians have one last chance to show their support for Mike Gaffney MLC’s End of Life Choices legislation. At the heart of this legislation is compassion and respect for human dignity.

Over the past six months there has been extensive community consultation on this issue. The overwhelming response has been Tasmanians want laws that show compassion to people whose pain and suffering cannot be relieved with palliative care.

We’re encouraging all Tasmanians to show their support for voluntary assisted dying by making the most of the final opportunity to sign this petition over the next two weeks.

With 10,000 signatures already, this is by far the largest e-petition to ever come before the Tasmanian Parliament, but we can’t stop now. This issue is too important.

For decades, far too many Tasmanians have experienced unnecessary suffering at the end of their life. Anyone who wants this to change can help make sure these laws pass by signing the e-petition."


Jacqui Gray | Your Choice Tas Spokesperson

"The fact the e-petition is the largest e-petition to ever come before the Parliament is a very good indication that, more than ever, Tasmanians want the right to choose a peaceful death. They strongly believe that those suffering from a terminal illness in intolerable pain should have the right to choose how, where, when and with whom they end their life.

But we know there are lots of people out there who care about this important issue who haven’t yet signed the e-petition. We need your support now more than ever - please sign at

Together we can get Tasmania across the line to finally pass Voluntary Assisted Dying laws."


Nat Gray | Your Choice Tas Spokesperson

"We want to see this e-petition grow by at least another 1,500 signatures. That will make it double the size of the next largest e-petition that’s come to the Tasmanian Parliament.

If you’ve already signed the e-petition, we ask you to find a friend or family member who hasn’t, and encourage them to sign.

There are also many other ways people can get involved in the campaign - just visit the Your Choice Tas Facebook page to find out more.

Let’s be the voices for those we have lost, but also those who are yet to travel this path."