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Vale Malcolm Fraser

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Friday, 20 March 2015

Tags: Human Rights, Tasmanian Aboriginals

Greens Leader Kim Booth MP paid tribute to Malcolm Fraser, describing him as a statesman who left a significant humanitarian legacy.

“Malcolm Fraser’s fierce and principled advocacy for human rights, both at home and internationally, transcended the political divide,” Mr Booth said.

“The nation has lost an important conservative voice of conscience and humanity.”

“Malcolm Fraser demonstrated that it is possible to change ones views and redress past wrongs, going from a divisive figure in the 1970s to a statesman and great humanitarian in the new century.”

“Through this he showed courage and leadership, setting an example that earned him respect across a wide cross section of the community.”

“Australia has not had a conservative leader since Mr Fraser, who presented our nation on the global stage as a country with a deep social conscience and which took its humanitarian responsibilities seriously.”

“His courageous and principled resignation from the Liberal Party over the unacceptable treatment of Aboriginal Australians, and Australia’s more recent cruel and barbaric treatment of asylum seekers, helped shine the spotlight on these critical matters which go to the heart of who we are as a society.”

“Standing up for the dispossessed and the unjustly incarcerated is true leadership, of which Australia does not witness often enough.”

 “On behalf of the Greens, I wish to convey our sincere condolences to Mr Fraser’s family, friends and colleagues,” Mr Booth said.