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Water Inquiry Terms of Reference Tabled

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tags: Water, Water Quality

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Water spokesperson

The Greens today tabled the terms of reference for an joint House inquiry into water governance, which we will debate this week*.

Our Inquiry seeks to ensure that our water resources are being managed to benefit the current community and their health, as well generations of Tasmanians to come.

Water is a precious resource and as yet another dry season hits, it is an opportune time to clarify departmental and agency rights and responsibilities.

A Joint House Inquiry into Water Governance is important for our primary industries, environment and the health of our people. We hope that both the Liberal and Labor parties will support our Inquiry when we debate it this week.


* Terms of Reference

(1)    That a Joint Select Committee be appointed with power to send for persons and papers, with leave to sit during any adjournment of either House exceeding 14 days, with leave to adjourn from place to place and with leave to report from time to time, to inquire into and report upon water governance in Tasmania, with the following Terms of Reference:—

(a)    consideration of current objectives of water management as specified in the Water Management Act 1999

(b)    assessment of any necessary additions to the current objectives of water management

(c)    consideration of the existing legislative framework for water governance in Tasmania, including the roles and responsibilities of:

(i)      Hydro-Electric Corporation

(ii)     Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporation Pty Ltd

(iii)    Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd

(iv)    Environmental Protection Authority

(v)     Department of Health and Human Services

(vi)    Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

(vii)   Tasmanian Natural Resource Management groups

(viii)  Local government

(ix)    Tasmanian Planning Commission

(x)     any other relevant entity

(d)    an assessment of the performance of the existing water governance model in meeting water management objectives

(e)    identification of options to improve water governance and its performance in meeting water management objectives

(f)      any other matters incidental thereto.

(2)    That the number of Members to serve on the Committee on the part of the House be three: one nominated by the Leader of Government Business; one nominated by the Leader of Opposition Business; and one nominated by the Leader of Tasmanian Greens Business

(3)    That the Committee report by 17 November 2016.