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Media Release - 1 March 2021

Air View of Houses

Perhaps Minister Archer Should Talk to Tenants?

If Elise Archer MP thinks everything is fine for renters, perhaps she should try talking to one of the thousands of Tasmanians struggling to afford their rent.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: Housing, Homelessness, Tenant Rights, Rent Caps

Media Release - 1 March 2021

Log Pile at the Port of Burnie, Tasmania

Greens Back BBF, Forests and Future Generations

The Greens applaud the work of the brave forest defenders at the Bob Brown Foundation.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: Climate Emergency, Protest, Native Forest Logging, Carbon Storage

Media Release - 28 February 2021

Air View of Houses

Rents are Soaring, Liberals Oblivious, Parliament Must Act

Tasmania’s deepening housing crisis requires an urgent response and cooperation across non-government parties and independents in Parliament.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: Affordable Housing, Housing, Housing Crisis

Media Release - 26 February 2021

Police Officers in High Visibility Vests

Griffin Police Review Reveals Tragedy of Errors

The review by Tasmania Police into the James Geoffrey Griffin investigation reveals a decade long failure to properly investigate serious allegations.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: Police, Child Abuse, Launceston General Hospital, Commission of Inquiry

Media Release - 26 February 2021

Overland Track, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Tasmania

Gutwein Government Must Put Environment First to Avoid Ecosystem Collapse

Leading scientists working across Australia have described the collapse of 19 ecosystems, including Tasmania’s kelp forests and Gondwanan conifer forests.
Rosalie Woodruff MP  |  Tags: Environment, Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Marine Environment, Climate Emergency

Media Release - 25 February 2021

Homeless Man

Liberals Must Support SafeSpace

SafeSpace say the commercial real estate boom and their financial limitations are impacting their ability to find a new location. 
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: Homelessness, Housing, Tenant Rights

Media Release - 23 February 2021

kunanyi / Mount Wellington

RMPAT Exposes MWCC’s Disregard for Aboriginal Heritage on kunanyi and Process

The Resource Management Planning Appeal Tribunal’s rejection of the appeal by the Mount Wellington Cableway Company (MWCC) is welcome.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: kunanyi/Mt Wellington, Cable Car, Aboriginal Heritage, Planning, Public Land

Media Release - 23 February 2021

takayna / tarkine, Tasmania

Greens Back BBF Court Challenge on Takayna Trail

The Greens support the Bob Brown Foundation’s court challenge to Forestry Tasmania, who have refused public land access for the takayna Trail ultra-marathon.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: takayna / Tarkine, Forests, Economy, North West Tasmania

Media Release - 18 February 2021

Justice, Scales and Gavel

Abolition of Family Court

The Morrison Government’s decision to abolish the Family Court puts Tasmanian women and children fleeing family violence at greater risk.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: Family Violence

Media Release - 18 February 2021

Privacy, Cyber Security, Padlock over Globe with Binary Code

Facebook Putting Lives at Risk

Facebook’s announcement they will be blocking Australian news is alarming, and will put lives at risk.
Rosalie Woodruff MP  |  Tags: Health

Media Release - 16 February 2021

Corruption, Handing over Envelope

Action Not Words Needed on Electoral Reform

Today's release of the Final Report from the Electoral Act Review is long overdue, but the contents of the report fall far short of what is required. 
Rosalie Woodruff MP  |  Tags: Democracy, Political Donations, Electoral Act, Electoral Reform

Media Release - 12 February 2021

Justice, Scales and Gavel

Cambria Green Development Rears Its Grotesque Head Again

The mystery developers behind a massive proposal at Cambria Green near Swansea are ploughing on in the face of strong community opposition.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: Cambria Green, Planning

Media Release - 12 February 2021

Pile of Woodchips

Forest Defenders Highlight Tasmania’s Woodchip Tragedy

Tasmania Police must investigate the violent & threatening actions of Artec employees & log truck drivers towards forest defenders at Bell Bay woodchip mill.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: Forests, Native Forest Logging, Climate Emergency, Protest

Media Release - 10 February 2021

takayna / tarkine, Tasmania

Takayna Trail 2021 Must Go Ahead for NW Economy

FT are working against the interests of the North West community by denying organisers of the takayna Trail 2021 access to the public lands they manage.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: takayna / Tarkine, Regional Tasmania, Economy

Media Release - 5 February 2021

Blue Tier, Tasmanian Forest Agreement Forest

All TFA Forests Need Strong Protection, Mr Jaensch

The forests of the Great Western Tiers are of World Heritage value yet they’ve been left without reserve tenure throughout the Liberals’ term.
Cassy O'Connor MP  |  Tags: Forests, Carbon Storage, Climate Emergency, Tasmanian Forest Agreement


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