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Media Release - 27 May 2020

Homeless Man

More Coordinated Support for Homeless Urgently Needed

Cassy O'Connor MP -

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader and Housing spokesperson

Reports that homeless Tasmanians are being turned away from Hobart’s Safe...
Tags: Homelessness, Housing Crisis, Housing

Media Release - 27 May 2020

Bushfire, Burned Forest

Independent Scientists Sound Warning Over Logging and Bushfire Risk

Cassy O'Connor MP - A group of independent scientists has written to all Tasmanian MPs highlighting studies that show a clear connection between native forest logging and...
Tags: Bushfires, Native Forest Logging, Forests, Environment, Climate Emergency

Media Release - 25 May 2020

Green Economics

Recovery Council Has Critical Role in Avoiding Business As Usual

Cassy O'Connor MP - The Premier’s Social and Economic Recovery Advisory Council has a critical role to play in the future direction of Tasmania. Business as usual thinking won’t...
Tags: Economy, Coronavirus, Jobs, Climate Emergency, Housing

Media Release - 25 May 2020

Doctor with Face Mask

Undercutting Public Health Irresponsible

Rosalie Woodruff MP - Constant pressure by some elected representatives for the Premier to accelerate the easing of social restrictions is irresponsible, and risks undermining...
Tags: Coronavirus, Health, Hospitals

Media Release - 23 May 2020

Houses, Construction

A Housing Led Recovery for Tasmania

Cassy O'Connor MP - In preparing this plan for a housing led recovery we’ve drawn on the evidence of Australia’s response to the GFC which demonstrated that investing government...
Tags: Coronavirus, Affordable Housing, Housing Crisis, Housing, Construction, Jobs, Homelessness, Economy

Media Release - 22 May 2020

Logged Forest, Tarkine

Logging During COVID-19

Cassy O'Connor MP - The continuation of destructive logging activity has been a disappointing blight on an otherwise thoughtful approach by the Premier through this pandemic.
Tags: Native Forest Logging, Forests, Coronavirus, Protest

Media Release - 21 May 2020

Planning Documents

Rushed Major Projects Bill Wrong Way for Recovery

Rosalie Woodruff MP - Tasmanians who care about their democratic rights and protecting this island will be angry, but not surprised, at the Liberals’ plan to rush their divisive...
Tags: Major Projects, Planning, Environment, Coronavirus

Media Release - 21 May 2020

Wielangta, Tasmanian Forest Agreement Forest

New Forestry Peak Body Should be a Fresh Start for Industry

Cassy O'Connor MP - The Greens cautiously welcome the creation of a new forestry peak body to replace the regularly divisive and ideologically driven Forests Industry Association...
Tags: Forests, TFA Forests, Native Forest Logging, Climate Emergency

Media Release - 21 May 2020

Air View of Houses

YWCA Housing Survey Highlights Need for Housing-Led Recovery

Cassy O'Connor MP - Homelessness data released in the YWCA National Housing Survey is a stark reminder of the depth of Tasmania’s housing crisis, and the need for this issue to be...
Tags: Housing, Homelessness, Coronavirus

Media Release - 20 May 2020

Blue Tier, Tasmanian Forest Agreement Forest

Tree Spiking Allegations Have a Stink, Demand Investigation

Cassy O'Connor MP - The Greens condemn all violence in, and surrounding, Tasmania’s forests. We acknowledge this is a heated issue, but no life should be at risk, nor physical...
Tags: Forests, TFA Forests, Protest, Environment, Climate Emergency

Media Release - 19 May 2020

City Planners Around Table

No Place for Major Projects in Recovery

Rosalie Woodruff MP - Tasmania’s largest council has sent a strong message to the Government that the Major Projects legislation is unnecessary and destructive.
Tags: Planning, Major Projects, Coronavirus

Media Release - 19 May 2020

Science Lab

Premier Must Listen to Health Advice Over Industry Lobbyists

Rosalie Woodruff MP - The Premier is right to be concerned about a second wave of coronavirus disease. Other countries that relaxed restrictions too quickly have learnt this lesson...
Tags: Coronavirus, Health, Tourism, Tasmanian Hospitality Association

Media Release - 19 May 2020

Air View of Houses

Rent Relief Fund Welcome

Cassy O'Connor MP - It has taken consistent advocacy on the part of the housing and social welfare sector, and the Greens, for strong rent relief and the Gutwein Government has...
Tags: Coronavirus, Housing, Tenant Rights, Tenants Union

Media Release - 19 May 2020

Gordon Dam, Hydro Tasmania

Gutwein Government Must Rule Out Biomass Burning in Green Hydrogen Power

Rosalie Woodruff MP - The Greens welcome the move to establish a renewable hydrogen energy manufacturing industry in Tasmania. Done right it has the potential to reduce Tasmania’s...
Tags: Energy, Renewable Energy, Carbon Storage, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Biomass

Media Release - 17 May 2020

Houses, Construction

Housing Led Recovery Should Increase Home Ownership

Cassy O'Connor MP - Calls by the Master Builders’ Association for a doubling of the First Home Owner’s grant are worth considering but government stimulus money might be better...
Tags: Coronavirus, Housing, Jobs


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