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Cassy O'Connor MP - 13 November 2019
The Federal Court’s decision to set aside the determination that the Lake Malbena proposal was not a ‘controlled action’ under national environment law sits solely with the Liberals.
Rosalie Woodruff MP - 12 November 2019
When asked this morning, the Minister for Police Fire and Emergency Management, Mark Shelton, refused to disclose when our full contingent of Tasmania Fire Service remote area firefighters will be ready to be deployed. Nor would he disclose why he has failed to skill up volunteer crews for remote firefighting.
Cassy O'Connor MP - 8 November 2019
The Federal Group’s after-tax profit of $17M is primarily drawn from around 3,500 poker machines deliberately placed in the most economically disadvantaged communities.
Rosalie Woodruff MP - 8 November 2019
New South Wales deputy state coroner, Harriet Grahame, has examined the tragic deaths at music festivals, and today passed down her straightforward and compassionate findings. 
Cassy O'Connor MP - 29 October 2019
In a shameful Parliamentary display, the Minister responsible for the Ashley Youth Detention Centre refused to honestly answer a simple, direct question from the Greens on who directed the independent Custodial Inspector to black out the most politically damaging findings of his damning report in to Ashley.
Rosalie Woodruff MP - 29 October 2019
The Liberals’ ban on the sale of ice pipes passed through the House of Assembly this afternoon with the support of the Labor Party. The passage of this legislation effectively undermines Australia’s decades-long, harm reduction drug policies.
Cassy O'Connor MP - 17 October 2019
The Liberals have attempted, and failed, to redact some of the shameful results of an independent inspection of Ashley Youth Detention Centre. This raises a series of extremely serious questions about potential Ministerial interference to cover up a scandal at Ashley.
Rosalie Woodruff MP - 17 October 2019
The Health Minister, Sarah Courtney, today tabled a Bill to ban the sale of ice pipes that, if passed, will put people’s lives at further risk.
Rosalie Woodruff MP - 17 October 2019
Treasurer Peter Gutwein refused to rule out committing further public funding to bail out the now-precarious Twamley Dam and Prosser pipeline construction projects on the drought-ridden East Coast.
Rosalie Woodruff MP - 16 October 2019
Labor and Liberals undermine The Greens’ motion in Parliament called for a straightforward, urgently needed, ban on new thermal coal mines in Tasmania.