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Adult Migrant English @ TasTAFE

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Tuesday, 15 August 2017

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Andrea Dawkins MP to move -

That this house –

1.      Recognises the importance of the Adult Migrant English Program to Launceston, both as a service to newly arrived humanitarian entrants, and as an employer of highly skilled and dedicated teachers and administrators in Launceston.

2.      Notes that;

a)      The AMEP in Launceston was delivered by TasTAFE for over ten years. 

b)      TasTAFE have been responsible for assisting hundreds of former refugees to learn English during this time. 

c)      TasTAFE staff collaborated closely with other service providers to build relationships that supported clients learning.

d)      The AMEP at TasTAFE had built a large amount of intellectual capital and expertise in the delivery of English language teaching in Launceston.

3.      Notes that the AMEP program will no longer be delivered by

         TasTAFE, who has lost the delivery contract.  The service is now being delivered by a private for-profit contractor.

4.      Notes that since last month, under the new provider, the program has been beset with problems, including resourcing, space and facilities issues.  Students have complained of issues that were not          experienced during the TasTAFE era.

5.      Recognises that programs such as the AMEP, delivered through TasTAFE, are a vital component of Tasmania’s education system.  Students rely on its quality teaching services, just as teachers and            staff rely on its ability to attract and retain contracted programs.

6.      Calls on the government to show leadership, and commitment, to maintaining the quality and integrity of TasTAFE, and minimise the possibility that other important service delivery contracts are              lost, to the detriment of students and staff.