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Appropriate Regulation of Firearms

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tags: Adler Shotgun, Gun Control

Ms Woodruff to move—That the House:—

(1) Notes the recent controversy around the Federal Liberal Government swapping a prohibition on imports of the 8-shot Adler lever action shotgun for the support of an independent’s vote in the Australian Senate.

(2) Further notes the Tasmanian Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management, Hon. Rene Hidding MP’s statement that our Government remains committed to blocking support for weaker gun laws.

(3) Recognises the contradiction in this Minister’s statement with his actions, given he has refused to plug a legislative loop hole that enables a shotgun with a magazine to be sold in the lease restrictive firearm category.

(4) Understands that although the moratorium on imports of the 8-shot Adler remains in place, thousands of 6-shot lever action shotguns continue to enter Australia, with hundreds of those firearms in the possession of Tasmanians.

(5) Acknowledges at least three international gun manufacturers are now copying the success of the Adler and using our technical loophole to expand their market and sell an increasing range of lethal weapons such as the Pardus LAX12, Uzkon LA887, and Alpharms LX20.

(6) Understands that if a person entered a public space with one of these rapid action firearms and shot off six rounds at close quarters, the outcome would be catastrophic and there would be no chance for self-defence until all the shots had been fired.

(7) Calls on the Liberal Government to increase community safety by upholding the purpose of the National Firearms Agreement, closing the technical loophole that has allowed the 6-shot Adler gun to be categorised at the lowest level, and restricting firearms with a magazine to people who have a demonstrated need.