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Arts - Funding

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Tags: Arts, State Budget

Ms O'CONNOR - Minister, we can't identify any key deliverables in this Budget in the Arts portfolio. Are there some, and if so, where?

Ms ARCHER - Good old budget drafting, it's so hard to interpret sometimes. I'll get Ms Allen, I think, to interpret some of our line items.

Ms O'CONNOR - While Ms Allen's looking for that, because we're about to run out of time, but funding in the Arts -

Ms ARCHER - Do you want us to take that on notice?

Ms O'CONNOR - Yes, sure. Funding in the Arts output groups has declined since the last budget from $28.8 million to $26.5 million. Funding further decreases to $20.5 million by 2023 24. What are these cuts or savings about?

Ms ARCHER - What I've found with the interpretation of these is there's sometimes a reason for figures going up and down. Are you able to enlighten Ms O'Connor on that point?

Ms O'CONNOR - It's a downward trajectory across the forward Estimates -

Ms ALLEN - Some of the reduction is related to one off funding for the Hedberg project. We see a conclusion in screen industry development funding under the Screen Innovation Fund, although, as the minister said, there is an allocation of $500 000 provided for screen.

In terms of the funds that have been announced, the $2.5 million is listed in Finance General so it is part of a COVID 19 package.

We would be very happy to detail that in a question on notice.

Ms O'CONNOR - You're happy for me to put that on notice too?

Ms ARCHER - Sometimes it doesn't appear on the page you would expect it to appear, but it is elsewhere in the Budget because of COVID 19.

Ms O'CONNOR - The numbers don't look great for the Arts portfolio.

Ms ARCHER - No, but they are, because of that additional stimulus funding, and now the new money of $4 million. That is for new programs. I agree with you, the figures on that page don't indicate that it's elsewhere in the Budget Papers. I think we will take that on notice, and provide you with that detail.

CHAIR - If you could put that in writing, Ms O'Connor.

Ms O'CONNOR - I'm doing that now, Chair.