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Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Tags: Music, State Budget

Dr WOODRUFF - Is there anything in the Budget for live music specifically, particularly for smaller venues? That's something that is struggling at the moment, particularly because many of those venues are in smaller hospitality places that are being impacted by COVID 19.

Ms ARCHER - With live music, we've had some funding streams. I will let Ms Allen address that specific area because we have live performance covered.

Ms ALLEN - As part of the COVID-19 stimulus there was a funding program specifically targeted to live music. For live performance in general, there are a range of funding programs that individuals can apply to for performance outcomes or recording outcomes. We don't have a specific funding stream for live music or for venues. We run our individuals and projects round and our organisations round and people working in those areas can apply for those programs.

Ms ARCHER - Having said that, we've recently announced the Small Business Grants Program which is the Return to the Gig Economy funding that allows people to apply for funding of up to - sorry, I'm relying on my memory, it's faster to do it off my memory than find it in a folder - up to $2000? Or is it $5000?

It's $2000, I think, for smaller things, to help them get back into pubs and clubs and live venues, so your smaller performers in that live music industry.

Dr WOODRUFF - Without going into the detail of a particular case, it was in the Mercury last week that it's a really hard situation for the owners of The Duke on Macquarie Street. Would it be possible for organisations like pubs that have relied on local music and getting gigs but they're not happening so it's not bringing trade in to apply?

Ms ARCHER - Yes, I suppose it depends on the nature of what the issue is. Why people are not coming out. I don't want to stray too much outside of this portfolio but there are a number of reasons why venues are obviously not at peak. We don't have a lot of interstate tourists here at the moment for obvious reasons. That's the major issue. It's not necessarily an issue that's arts-created, it's the lack of travellers to here. It's encouraging Tasmanians to get out and attend their venues. If it's something that's art-related, we are very willing to always look at it.