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Bracknell Hall

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 8 September 2022

Tags: Pork-Barrelling, State Budget


You have previously stood in this place and defended your party's shameless pork-barrelling exercise, the Local Communities Facilities Fund. In mounting your defence, you have said on multiple occasions all projects in the fund were announced prior to the 2021 election day, but this is not true, is it? Dozens of projects were never announced. As revealed by documents obtained through right to information, your predecessor, as minister for Sport, staff from the Premier's Office, the secretary of Communities Tasmania and departmental staff all refer to an election commitment that was kept from the Tasmanian people: $400 000 for the replacement of the Bracknell hall. Why were the Tasmanian people not told about this very significant expenditure of taxpayer funds before election day?



Mr Speaker, let me make it clear that making promises during election campaigns and giving Tasmanians the right to vote on those promises is a transparent and fundamental part of our democracy. We make no apologies for working with our communities to deliver projects that assist in economic and social recovery. It is what local constituents would have absolutely expected of their local members during the 2021 election. All Liberal candidates are expected to get out on the ground and talk to their local communities about their needs. Candidates are asked to put forward their ideas and request for small one-off community projects and we absolutely stand by all the commitments we made at the 2021 Tasmanian election.

Ms O'Connor - We're talking about one that was kept secret.

Mr STREET - Mr Speaker, my understanding is that the project the Leader of the Greens refers to was not part of the LCFF, it was an additional commitment that was made after the election. That is the information I have at my disposal.