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Building and Construction – Quad Bikes

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Tags: Community Safety

Ms O'CONNOR - Minister, can you explain why the Government decided not to extend the Consumer Code of Practice to resellers of quad bikes? Given the evidence and the sorry history of significant safety issues around these bikes?

Ms ARCHER - Can you repeat the question, please?

Ms O'CONNOR - Can you explain why the Government decided not to progress the Consumer Code of Practice in relation to resellers of quad bikes?

Ms ARCHER - I would have to go back and look at that, Ms O'Connor, to refresh my memory. There were a number of different things we looked at, a range of initiatives I have been through in your absence on the committee, but I realise you have been sitting on another committee no doubt. We made a decision with the initiatives that I have gone through today. I would need to refresh my memory on that particular aspect. I am happy to take it on notice.

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you, minister. As you know that information is detailed in a Cabinet decision which we have and the issue here is: how can you be sure there is a minimum set of safety standards around the sales of quad bikes if your Government is not progressing a previous decision to apply a consumer code of practice to quad bike resellers?

Ms ARCHER - That's the reason I want to refresh my memory and as for Cabinet deliberations -

Ms O'CONNOR - I am not asking for deliberations.

Ms ARCHER - I am going to be careful here. There was a lot of work done around what appropriate form consumer protection in this area would take. I am going to take that on notice because I am not going to say something that I am not sure of, but I know that we looked at all of that. I want to take that on notice so that I get you an accurate answer.