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Christmas Greetings

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 28 November 2019

Tags: Parliament

Ms O'CONNOR (Clark - Leader of the Greens) - Madam Speaker, it is that time of year when we have an opportunity to try to put into words our gratitude to the people we work with in this place. There is a long list of people here to thank and I want to make a few comments on the way through.

Of course we thank the ever-helpful and long-suffering Clerk of the House, Mr Donnelly. I hope those magnesium tablets I recommended to you start to do the trick before we come back next year. Also to Laura Ross, Stephanie Hesford and Todd Buttsworth, thank you so much. Working with any one of you on a committee is deeply reassuring. Your work ethic, your capacity to translate evidence into reports and to be helpful to us is so appreciated and thank you very much.

Thanks to the beloved Allie, who I have known for more than 20 years so I am so glad is now the Clerk of Papers and also to acknowledge the incredible endurance and long time that Barry Roberts, the former clerk put in here.

Thanks also to our parliamentary staff in here. I am always mindful of the workplace health and safety issues that people like Scott Hennessey, Charles Casimaty, James Reynolds, Cathy Stephens, Colleen Donovan, Kristy Lang, Rosie Brown and Fiona Murphy experience every day. For example, last night when we rose after 2.00 a.m. it was Fiona Murphy who opened the door to me and then when I walked in here this morning at 8.30 Fiona was here at work again.

Madam Speaker, I also want to thank you. It has been a hard year but I recognise that you do try to vote the right way, you try to do the right thing and you have a great big heart. There is only one thing you have ever said to me that I totally disagree with and I am not going to go there now, but I do wish you an excellent break.

Adrian Munnings - oh my goodness, we are so thankful for the work of Adrian Munnings, the finance officer of Tasmania. Every fortnight I hold Adrian close to my heart. Kimbra McCormack and John Retallick - what a transformative parliamentary education system we have here. I thank the previous Speaker of the House of Assembly who amped up the Parliamentary Education Office but what a change it is making to the lives of young people, to civics education and to participation in our dwindling democracy under this Government.

The font of knowledge, the Parliamentary Library, Deb Jensen, Helen Richardson, Luke Viacelli, Sarah Ravanat, Sue Nolan, Marijana Bacic and Jenny Rae, who I believe retired recently. Our brains trust, the Parliamentary Research Service - Bryan Stait, Cassandra Hennessey, Catriona Ross, Jayne McPherson, Kate Roberts and Tran, also known as Jade from the bistro.

The nerve centre of the building, Computer Services and Broadcast - thanks to the excellent wry and dry Peter Hancox, Brett Godfrey, Chris Makin, Ben Hughes, James Sly, Jason Hergert, Adon Voss, Kate Duggan, Angus McElhenny and Mal Blood, Pat's husband, who helps out with the broadcast.

Thanks to all our translators and interpreters, highly skilled as they are, who turn some of the gobbledegook that we speak in here into coherent English sentences: the Hansard staff. Thank you to Helen Allmich, Helene Attrill, Pat Blood, Roey Johnson, our transcribers Margot Scales, Jo Bull, Karen Cuzzucoli, Kaye Toohey, Margaret Peters, Wendy Nicholas, Melinda Carver, Gaye Mitchell, my dear friend Glenda Radcliffe, Anne-Maree Nuttall, Stella Beswick, Susan McKay. The high skilled sub-editors Sabine Borgis, Michael Dubois, Shae Huddlestone, Helen Moore, Jenny Morgan, Andie Smithies, my darling friend Kate Stewart, Loretta Thompson and Christine Ward.

Where would be without the dining room and the bistro after long sitting days and when we want to see our families and friends on long sitting days . Thank you to Mandie Donnelly, to Jacqui Kozakiewicz, Jo Smallhorn, Renee, Christine, Sarah and Jade who is also in the research service. I also thank Andrea who is one of the lovely staff in the bistro - and I understand highly qualified in academic fields - and Morgan, who I could listen to speak in his beautiful French accent all day long.

The LegislatureGeneral staff. Thank you to Jason Hendy, Anna McCarthy, Mandy Menzie, and very handy Brendan Boon. To Shane, Gaye, Gay and Carol, thank you. To our security team for keeping us safe. To Ian, Tomana (TBC ), Benjamin, Hannah, Sayed (TBC), Kyriakos (TBC), David, Damien (TBC) and Phil.

Finally I want to thank everyone in here, pretty much, mostly. I want to thank my family for continuing to put up with the work I do on behalf of the Greens and for them. But most of all I want to thank my team. I want to thank the wonderful Dr Rosalie Woodruff who I am so proud to stand with in here every day. I am so impressed by you. You are so fierce and good and green. I also want to thank Rosalie's adviser, Will Greer, our excellent Alice Giblin with her very clever political ways, Tom Whitton our excellent policy and parliamentary adviser who helps us come up with some very handy strategies. Our new electorates adviser, the excellent Steve Wright who is in the Chamber, Jo Bull who keeps my diary in some form of feral order. To Millie Knott who is my electorates adviser and a wonderful young Green, Bridget Verrier who is our dedicated volunteer. We go hard in the little Greens office. We come in here every day and work our butts off defending democracy.

To all my colleagues in this place, I do not always like you, I do not always want to look at you, but I will look forward to seeing you again when we return next year. I want to see everyone back in here safe and well and ready for 2020. Happy holidays, take good care of yourselves and take good care of each other.