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Climate Change

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 23 May 2019

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Premier, 98 per cent of scientists globally have reached a consensus that we are in the grip of a climate emergency. This is a time in human history when strong ethical leadership is required.

Young Tasmanians who gathered in their hundreds here yesterday are crying out for leadership on climate. Yet from you and the Opposition Leader for that matter, they heard nothing during our debate yesterday, then they watched you vote against the declaration of a climate emergency in line with the UK, Irish and ACT parliaments and 528 councils worldwide.

There were young people in tears in the reception room after the vote. They had witnessed an epic and disheartening failure of leadership in this place.

Premier, were you absent from the debate yesterday because you did not want to face them, or because the dominant climate inaction faction in your Cabinet won the day again?



Madam Speaker, I thank the member for her question. Without wanting to reflect on the matter before the parliament, which was resolved yesterday, I did take a keen interest in what was being said in the debate and the arguments that were being made.

Ms O'Connor - You were not here. You did not even show your face.

Mr HODGMAN - We have these magical things in our offices called televisions when you can actually do two things at once. So we can continue to develop our strong plan and our agenda for the future and also watch your attempts to sensationalise, alarm and frighten people by extreme language, which achieves nothing other than your own political purposes.

I noted the excellent points made by the minister who is responsible for not only our environment but ensuring that we continue to deliver on our climate action plan. I have outlined at length in this place, as has the minister, the many actions we are taking. I hope for those people you talk to, those young and older Tasmanians who are concerned, that you at least have the decency and integrity to say to them there are a number of things that this Government is doing.

There might be more. There might be ideas that you have, but to come in here and to suggest that we are careless about the state of our environment and climate change is entirely untrue, because our action plan demonstrates exactly what we are endeavouring to do. There are plenty of people in our community who are concerned but they also should be informed with the facts. It is a sad state of affairs that a member of the parliament, none less than the Leader of the Greens, continues to deliberately keep herself in the dark or to pretend that she is not aware of the things we are doing and not support them.