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Disability in Education Teachers Survey 2017

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tags: Disability, Education

Andrea Dawkins MP On tomorrow to move that this house –

1.     Recognises the recent release of the Tasmanian Disability Education Reform Lobby - 2017 Teachers View Survey.

2.     Acknowledges that the TDERL provides parents of students living with disability in Tasmanian schools a voice. Their aim is to ensure that all Tasmanian students living with disability have equal access to a quality education in Tasmania.

3.     Notes that 423 teachers participated in the 2017 survey, and that they overwhelmingly believed that the current disability education system in Tasmania was inadequate.  Only 2% of those surveyed believed that the current system was adequate, which is at the same level as last years survey.

4.     Notes that the 2017 survey also found;

a)     97% of teachers report teaching students with a disability.

b)    Over half report not participating in disability specific professional development in the last twelve months, despite a large number wanting more access to this type of training.

c)     Only 7% of teachers thought the disability education system had changed positively in the last twelve months.

5.     Calls on the government to acknowledge the experience of teachers working in the disability education system, recognise and act on the urgent need for reform in the sector, and challenges the Minister for Education to ensure that the next teacher survey shows improvement.  All teachers should have the support to provide high quality education for all Tasmanian students.