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Education – South Hobart Primary School

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Tuesday, 24 November 2020

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Dr WOODRUFF - Minister, the South Hobart Primary School has grown hugely over the last 10 years and due to the extra number of students there now two additional classes are needed. The South Hobart Primary School Association has made comment in their recent meeting notes that there has not been any government support or funding for the school's growing population and they are concerned that the Government has not planned for it. In particular, they are concerned that the existing library is going to have to be converted into two classrooms. Do you think it is appropriate that they are provided with a shed instead? Do you think a shed would be an ideal learning environment for primary school students in place of the library, especially given that it has to be accessed through the school car park as it borders on that car park?

Mr ROCKLIFF - South Hobart Primary School is a beautiful school and I have been there a number of times. On a number of occasions I have been there it has been to visit the school to announce funding for upgrades and also for the completed upgrades as well. Quite a substantial amount of funding has been invested. I stand to be corrected but between 2015 and 2017 there were four for upgrades of the school.

Dr WOODRUFF - Was that for classrooms?

Mr ROCKLIFF - General upgrades and classrooms.

Dr WOODRUFF - But they are not new classrooms?

Mr ROCKLIFF - Upgraded facilities. I will get the figure for you if we can track that down and a bit more detail on the upgrades. It was a few years ago now.

What you are telling me is that a very engaged school association, and there are number across the state, have identified areas of need. I cannot make any promises except to say that I promise that anything that comes across my desk I look at and take note of, and our facilities team does as well, given there are many priorities regarding infrastructure requirements. I am not dismissing their concerns.

Dr WOODRUFF - Okay, so they could hope to be listened to and that you would understand their concern that the library would be downgraded to a shed?

Mr ROCKLIFF - I'm not sure that would be the right description, downgraded to a shed. I've been in a lot of sheds in my time: spud sheds and men's sheds, a lot of different sheds. I'm not dismissing their concerns. I'm interested in why they've raised it. There has been investment in South Hobart Primary School. It's a growing population. I don't doubt that there will probably need to be further investment some time in the future, but that will be through the team that will work through and assess those asks, and prioritise based on need.


Mr ROCKLIFF - I have an answer to a question on notice I can report to Dr Woodruff about South Hobart. The $3.6 million investment commenced in the 2015-16 year and included general learning areas. One FTE speech and language pathologist works between four to eight schools maximum.