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Endorsed Liberal Candidate for Lyons - Comments made on Facebook

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 2 May 2019

Tags: Discrimination, Racism


As Liberal leader, you are on the Tasmanian Liberal Party state executive and you are one of the people responsible for approving all candidates standing in this federal election, including your candidate for Lyons. Facebook posts bearing Ms Whelan's name have said hateful and Islamophobic things, including the statement that women who supported Islam should be mutilated and sold as slaves. As leader, you are responsible for setting the culture in the party. You cannot flick this off as a matter for the federal campaign. Given your just-stated legacy of commitment to non-violence against women, will you also commit to disendorsing this candidate if the allegations are found to be true?

Madam SPEAKER - Premier, I can advise you that because this is dealing with a Commonwealth matter you do have the right not to respond but, as you have already responded, you are most welcome to do so.


Madam Speaker, I am happy to because I and my team are totally committed to doing all we can to better produce outcomes for those in our multicultural community that are positive and to send a clear message, including through this parliament. My Government works to strengthen multiculturalism, to support those in our community and do things that make it a lot easier for those within our community to do so. 

Despite what the Acting Leader of the Greens says about my responsibilities in this matter, my responsibilities are to lead this team, to demonstrate within this state Government all the things we are doing to advance harmony, tolerance, inclusion and better support for those in our community who are affected by acts of terror and violence and those in our community who may not share these values. My views and values are very clear on this matter. These are matters under the control of the federal party, will be properly considered by them. I am sure all appropriate actions will be taken in response.