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Excess Dorothy Dixers

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tags: Dorothy Dixer, Parliament

Ms O’Connor to move—That the House:—

(1) Congratulates the Victorian Parliament for abolishing Dorothy Dixers in question time.

(2) Notes the unprecedented number of Dorothy Dixer questions from Liberal backbenchers in the Tasmanian Parliament.

(3) Condemns Liberal Members who believe question time is about self-congratulation and "good news" Ministerial self-promotion.

(4) Agrees the actual purpose of question time is for a government to be scrutinised and held to account.

(5) Further notes that despite the best efforts of the Liberal backbenchers - Mr Shelton, Mr Brooks, Mr Barnett, Mr Jaencsh, Ms Courtney and Mrs Rylah - who have suggested the Greens also had their share, the figures show that while the Greens asked 22 questions of their own members over a whole four year term, in the first 18 months of the Liberal "brighter future" has yielded 257 questions to their own Ministers.

(6) Understands the Liberals have asked their Ministers 25 times more questions in the first 18 months of government than Greens' MPs did.

(7) Further agrees that 257 incidents of self-congratulation and back slapping goes against the spirit of a democratic system and is an insult to the Tasmanian people.