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A Fair Go For Solar Owners

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Tags: Rooftop Solar, Climate Change

Rosalie Woodruff MP on tomorrow to move -

That this house:

1.     Acknowledges that many Tasmanians feel powerless in the face of doubts cast over our Island’s energy security, rising power prices and the task of tackling climate change.  

2.     Understands that rooftop solar provides members of the Tasmanian community the opportunity to become producers, and take charge of their own energy supply. 

3.     Recognises that rooftop solar ownership has other benefits including aiding in behavioural change and promoting improved energy efficiency as Tasmanians move to maximise the benefit of their installed solar capacity.

4.     Acknowledges that increased rooftop solar capacity also has benefits for Tasmania’s energy system, introducing resilience through increased security and reliability of power supply, facilitating more affordable rural supply, and reducing transmission and distribution losses.

5.     Understands that rooftop solar is a fundamental component of a low carbon economy, providing a clean, renewable energy supply.

6.     Recognises the Government must work urgently with stakeholders to set a fair and consistent Feed-in Tariff that supports and encourages long-term investment in increased rooftop solar generation.

7.     Acknowledges that Feed-in Tariffs operate to correct market failures by recognising all the social, environmental and economic benefits associated with an activity.

8.     Understands that in order to be effective, a Feed-in Tariff needs to be fairly priced and offer members of our community who invest in rooftop solar certainty into the future. 

9.     Calls on the Government to establish a fair and consistent solar feed-in tariff price that will encourage 50,000 Tasmanian homes and businesses to install rooftop solar by 2020.