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Family Violence Leave

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tags: Family Violence

That the House:

1. Recognises and grieves for the 84 women killed by violent men in 2014;

2. Understands with horror that the Nation is on track to top that grim toll in 2015, with 41 women killed this year so far, an average of one every four days;

3. Acknowledges that the best way to tackle the issue of men’s violence against women is to change community expectations, cultural attitudes and to address gender inequality;

4. Notes that police will attend on average 657 family violence matters per day nationally, an average of 50 each week in Tasmania;

5. Applauds the leadership of iconic Tasmanian boot maker, Blundstone, who will offer 10 days of paid leave per year to victims or carers in family violence situations; and

6. Urges other business and corporate entities to follow Blundstone’s outstanding example on behalf of the victims of family violence.