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Federal Budget 2016: Libs Cut TWWHA Management Funding by $3.4m

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 5 May 2016

Tags: Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, World Heritage, Federal Budget, Parks

Cassy O'Connor MP to move—

That the House:—

(1)           Notes that the 2016 Federal Budget confirmed a $3.4M cut to management of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA) in 2016-17, with the funding for management of the TWWHA extension flatlining to zero in 2018-19.

(2)           Recognises that as a direct result of climate change and dry lightning strikes more than 20,000 hectares of the TWWHA was ravaged by fire over summer, destroying Gondwanan and sub-alpine wilderness.

(3)           Acknowledges the comments of nationally renowned economist, Saul Eslake, who described the cut as "eyebrow raising", that the allocation was "small change" and there was a "reasonable requirement for some extra funding of Tasmania's wilderness areas in order to better manage the risk of fires".

(4)           Heeds the further call from Heather Sculthorpe of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre to also increase funding to management of the TWWHA to protect its natural and cultural values.

(5)           Condemns the so-called Minister for Environment Parks and Heritage, Hon Matthew Groom MP for only acknowledging World Heritage values in the context of exploiting it for the benefit of private business, saying one of the best things we could do was ensure “we are utilising our natural areas for economic benefit".

(6)           Calls on the State and Federal Liberal Governments to live up to their responsibilities in protecting the TWWHA, a wilderness unlike anywhere else on the planet, by restoring and increasing management funding and protecting the TWWHA from future risks like fire.