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Federal Budget 2016: Tasmania's Health Funding Chronically Ailing

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tags: Health, Allied Health, Palliative Care, Older Tasmanians, Federal Budget

Rosalie Woodruff MP to move—

That the House:—

(1)           Notes that while the Federal Liberal Government chose to prioritise millions of dollars for roadworks and tax cuts for businesses, Tasmania's needs to attract extra health funding hasn't been realised in the Federal Budget and that this state overwhelmingly gets a very raw deal.

(2)           Acknowledges that the Regional Priority Round funding is meant to improve access to essential health services such as allied health care, but the $25 million that will flow in the next financial year is $10 million less than the $35 million that was previously projected in the forward estimates.

(3)           Recognises that the future of some palliative care services and psychiatric nurses is still in doubt.

(4)           Acknowledges that primary health care is the big loser in the Federal Budget, with a three year continuation of the Medicare rebate freeze and that a Tasmanian general practitioner has called it ‘the straw that breaks the camel’s back for GPs’.

(5)           Acknowledges that the combination of Liberal Governments at the State and Federal levels means Tasmania is now chronically underfunded in the area of health.

(6)           Calls on the Minister for Health, Hon Michael Ferguson MP to speak up and demand the funding we need for our ageing, and more chronically sick population.