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Federal Election Results - Reaction of Premier

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Tags: Political Leadership, Democracy, Climate Change, Integrity


Saturday was a watershed day for our country. Australians have elected a new federal parliament with a strong mandate to deliver a safer climate, a national integrity commission and a fairer society. A Greens and teal wave has signalled the future direction of politics in this country. Indeed, in Tasmania, the Greens also had a strong swing in every seat. The majority of Australians have rejected business-as-usual politics. They want an end to climate destroying practices like the clear-felling and incineration of our native forests, and rather than criminalising the defenders of carbon-rich forests, holding them up in lights as champions for a safer climate.

What lessons have you learned from the collapse of the Liberal Party in the federal election? When will you rein in the right-wing dinosaurs on your frontbench, and in your party, and end the climate wars in Tasmania?



Mr Speaker, I thank the Leader of the Greens for the question; I appreciate that. My observations of the federal election and your observations from a national perspective - of course there are learnings to that. The coalition lost government and the Labor Party has won government. On that note I had a very pleasant conversation with our new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Sunday and I wished him well. I thanked him for the commitments he has provided Tasmania. I have named a couple of those, most notably the Hobart Airport runway, which is welcomed and will provide a lot of opportunity, particularly when it comes to access to international routes such as Singapore, for example.

Tasmania's part of the federal election was also telling, with the support of our Liberal Party candidates across the board, most notably in Lyons, Braddon and Bass. I am very proud of our candidates and sitting members who worked very hard, Gavin Pearce and Bridget Archer. They are genuine people who reflected their constituencies, worked really hard and increased the vote of the Liberal Party, which should not be lost.

Ms O'Connor - So no lessons to be learned?

Mr Rockliff - The Greens achieved 6.39 per cent of the vote in Braddon, for example, Ms O'Connor, and it is probably a reflection of -

Members interjecting.

Mr SPEAKER - Order.

Mr ROCKLIFF - Of course we will work collaboratively with the federal government. I am not a political commentator so I will not go on about it but I also believe the very strong work of our state team, and working with our federal members of parliament, was reflected. People value a strong economy in Tasmania. They value work. They appreciate the efforts of the state Government in increasing the number of jobs by some 27 000 since 2014. However, they also recognise that we have a balanced approach in Tasmania when it comes to the matters you are talking about.

Ms O'Connor - The kids don't think so.

Mr ROCKLIFF - Ms O'Connor, Tasmania's emissions profile is the envy of the nation and indeed the world. We have achieved our target of net-zero emissions in six of the last seven years. We have achieved our target for Tasmania to be 100 per cent self-sufficient in renewable electricity generation. In 2019 our net emissions were 108 per cent lower than in 1990. While our economy has doubled and over 60 000 jobs have been created, the Government will legislate a target of net-zero emissions or lower from 2030, the most ambitious targets in the country and the one of the most ambitious in the world. We have enviable emission status -

Ms O'Connor - Stop smashing the carbon banks.

Mr SPEAKER - Order, Ms O'Connor.

Mr ROCKLIFF - Our ambitious targets will deliver brand benefits, which are very important, particularly when we sell Tasmania and our products and services to the world. Brand benefits, investment and jobs will be brought, while strengthening everything we have to offer and produce here including advanced manufacturing, hospitality and tourism, science, irrigation, agriculture, aquaculture and resources.

It is about providing a balanced economy. It is leading the nation when it comes to our emission targets. It is leading the nation when it comes to climate change. It is working with agriculture and tourism to support the benefits of climate change, to increase our brand capacity and our awareness. We believe we have the balance right, balancing our natural resources -

Dr Woodruff - The atmosphere does not agree with you.

Mr SPEAKER - Order, member for Franklin.

Mr ROCKLIFF - and protecting our soils. That is what genuine natural resource management is about. Our forestry reserves are important. In our 2022 23 Tasmanian Budget we will allocate significant funding towards action on climate change and our next Climate Change Action Plan. We will support industry - which is what I was alluding to before - and businesses in our community to reduce emissions and become more resilient -

Mr SPEAKER - If you could wind up please, Premier.

Mr ROCKLIFF - The opportunities that climate change presents include actions to increase renewable energy generation, support green hydrogen, drive the EV uptake and reduce emissions from waste. I look forward to continuing that very balanced approach we have in Tasmania, which is the envy of the nation and indeed the world.