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Federal Hotels 2018 Deal

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tags: Treasury, Pokies, Federal Group

That the House:

1.     Recognises the profound social and economic harm caused by problem gambling and the proliferation of poker machines in pubs and clubs in Tasmania;

2.     Notes that the Federal Group has reaped massive profits at the expense of low income Tasmanians as a result of the 15 year monopoly on gambling venues in Tasmania, a secretly negotiated deal supported by both Labor and Liberal parties;

3.     Notes that the monopoly license expires in 2018, an election year;

4.     Notes confirmation that the Treasurer is in discussions with Federal Group and MONA over a proposal to establish a high rollers’ casino at MONA;

5.     Calls on the Treasurer to be open and transparent about these negotiations in the public interest;

6.     Recognises that the Hodgman Government has no mandate to extend the monopoly deed beyond its expiry date; and

7.     Further calls on the Premier and Treasurer to categorically rule out the Liberal Government extending the monopoly deed beyond 2018 without first taking it to the people at the next State Election.