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Forestry Tasmania Alter FPP for Derby Coupe After Tourism Outrage

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tags: Native Forest Logging, Forestry Tasmania, Derby, Tourism, Wedge-Tailed Eagle, Mountain Biking

Andrea Dawkins MP to move—That the House:—

(1)           Notes:—

(a)           that sadly, and despite strong objection by the community and interested parties, logging has begun in coupe CC104B at Mutual Valley, Derby, albeit with the Forest Practices Plan (FPP) slightly varied;

(b)           that after much lobbying from the community and outraged mountain biking stakeholders and enthusiasts, Forestry Tasmania (FT) concluded that indeed logging the entire coupe at Derby was not in the State’s best interests and varied the FPP accordingly;

(c)           that recently FT held meetings with stakeholders and members of the mountain biking community which revealed such strong support for the retention of the surrounding landscape of the Trails, in order to reduce disruption and to appease the constituency, FT agreed to limit logging in certain areas of the coupe;

(d)           that feedback from the growing mountain biking community showed such strong support for the retention of the surrounding beauty of the Trails, FT extended the buffer zone and agreed to begin logging in the centre of the coupe, as well as undertake that logging in the off-season, so as to reduce impact on the booming tourism industry in the area;

(e)           that in addition to the variation of the FPP for coupe CC104B, feedback and communication from concerned and interested parties resulted in FT amending their Three Year Wood Production Plan to remove coupes CC107B and CC118C that the Flickety Sticks, Long Shadows and Dam Busters trails traverse;

(f)            the Hodgman Liberal government are acting at odds with their own initiative by announcing jobs growth and success for their expressions of interest process with the Blue Derby Pods Ride, while standing idle as the surrounding landscape is destroyed; and

(g)           that although the future of the area looks slightly brighter with amendments by FT to the current FPP and Three Year Wood Production Plan, concern for the Wedge-tailed Eagle habitat and that of the Simson’s stag beetle appear to have gone by the wayside.

(2)           Calls on Minister for Forestry, Hon Peter Gutwein MP, to continue close monitoring of the logging operations in the North East, particularly in the now World class tourist destinations such as Derby and to ensure that old and economically unviable industries do not take precedence over new, sustainable and growing economic ventures.