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Forestry Tasmania – TFA Reserves

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Tags: Forestry Tasmania, Tasmanian Forest Agreement

Ms O'CONNOR - Minister, has there been any correspondence, approach, request for any part of the future reserve land to either be exchanged or converted to permanent timber production zone land?

Mr BARNETT - Thank you for the question. I think you would be referring to the future potential production of forest land. The FPPF land?

Ms O'CONNOR - I am talking about future reserves.

Mr BARNETT - If you're referring to the FPPF land, I can advise that the purpose of that is to be set up as a wood bank, and the legislation sets out a process to exchange. The Government has ongoing discussions with industry representatives in relation to any proposed future use of the FPPF land. An application does have to be made to set out in accordance with that process, and I am not aware of any application that has been made.

Ms O'CONNOR - Can we confirm that if an application was made by a company or someone within the industry - because we have the heavily, heavily redacted right to information request here, that has the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) proposal for extensive conversion and exchange of what you call FPPF land. If an application was to come to Government for exchange or conversion, you would be aware of it?

Mr BARNETT - In accordance with the procedures under the legislation, not only would I be aware of it, but you would be aware of it, because -

Ms O'Connor - That's when it comes to parliament. That's different.

Mr BARNETT - to exchange or convert this land requires acceptance of both Houses of parliament.

Ms O'CONNOR - That wasn't the question. All I asked was, have there been any approaches to government, or applications outside FIAT's proposal, for any part of the FPPF land to be exchanged or converted to PTPZ land?

Mr BARNETT - My first answer answered your question, and I will repeat what I said. We have ongoing discussions with forest industry representatives regarding the future of the industry. However, I am not aware of any application before the Government with respect to the exchange or conversion under the legislation.

Ms O'Connor - You are being slippery again.