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Freycinet National Park - Private Commercial Development Application

Vica Bayley MP

Vica Bayley MP  -  Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Tags: Glamorgan-Spring Bay, Parks, Reserve Activity Assessments, Parks EOIs


A development application has been lodged with the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council for a private commercial development at Cooks Beach in Freycinet National Park. In the DA it stated that the Parks Service has deemed that a reserve activity assessment, or RAA, is not required. However, the proponent has stated on state wide radio that it has completed an RAA. The RAA process is acknowledged as inadequate and under review. Until the DA was released the public had no knowledge of this development and no opportunity for public comment.

The Freycinet Master Plan 2019 explicitly states that tourism experiences south of the Hazards will remain at current levels. That is 2019 levels. The process for assessing developments in national parks remains as murky as ever. Will you confirm the existence of an RAA for this proposal or did Parks wave it through to avoid scrutiny?



Mr Speaker, the member does not have to follow the Greens' tradition of wrapping every question in a conspiracy theory and questioning peoples' morals and ethics. He is pretty sure that everyone else in the world except him is corrupt and on the take. It is unnecessary. If you want to ask a question about process I am more than happy to answer it.

I am aware that Freycinet Experience Pty Ltd has recently lodged a development application with Glamorgan Spring Bay Council for the reinstatement of standing camps at Bluestone Bay and Cooks Beach within the Freycinet National Park.

Mr Bayley - Reinstatement from 15 years ago?

Mr SPEAKER - Order, member for Clark.

Mr JAENSCH - Let me answer you. You can abuse me later. I am advised that Freycinet Experience has a long standing licence from Parks and Wildlife Service for this activity. The standing camps will be fully demountable and are designed for minimal footprint on the site. I am advised that they will be set up by September and removed in May of each operational season.

An inspection of the site was undertaken in late 2019 with representatives from Freycinet Experience and the Parks and Wildlife Service, along with an environmental consultant and Aboriginal consultants. The inspection included a review of the site's set up and layout of the structures which were GPS recorded. Given the time frame since full operation, reserve activity assessment checklists were prepared to identify any potential issues in the use of the standing camp.

As part of the environmental impact assessment process, a review of the site's natural and cultural values has been undertaken through a flora and fauna survey as well as an Aboriginal heritage site assessment. The proponents will be required to comply with any conditions of the DA if they are relevant.

I am confident, based on the advice that I have, that appropriate process has been followed and is being followed regarding the issuing of leases and licences, the conduct of the reserve activity assessment and the DA process. We will need, as with any commercial activity or non commercial activity conducted in our parks and reserves, proponents to meet all the required approvals processes and to undertake all of their due diligence and prepare information regarding their environmental impact assessment, as with any others.