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Government Needs Long-term Vision for Renewable Energy

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Tags: Energy, Basslink, Drought, Renewable Energy

That the House:—

(1)           Notes the damage to the Basslink cable and the drought conditions exposed Tasmania’s dependence on dirty coal-fired electricity from the mainland, and the vulnerability of our energy supply.

(2)           Acknowledges that the Liberal Government’s ‘2015 Tasmanian Energy Strategy’ advocates a hands-off approach to Government leading the renewable energy future for Tasmania, and lacks the detail this State needs to drive investment in our energy system.

(3)           Understands the ‘2016 Tasmanian Energy Security Taskforce Consultation Paper’ does not call for submissions on anything concrete, and has no mention of a renewable electricity target, an efficiency target, or a liquid fuel target.

(4)           Calls on the Government to:—

(a)           set a long-term vision for a renewable, secure, fair and prosperous energy future for Tasmania;

(b)           adopt clear and strong targets for renewables as proposed in the Tasmanian Greens Energy Strategy, to cement this vision, namely:—

(i)            that Tasmania produce at least 100% of its net electricity needs from renewable energy, regardless of rainfall, by 2022; and

(ii)           to reduce Tasmania’s use of liquid fuels by 30% on 2015 levels by the year 2025.