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Health Minister Ferguson Crippling LGH Emergency Department

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tags: Health, Launceston General Hospital, Emergency Department, Nurses, Public Service

That the House:—

(1)           Notes the Launceston General emergency department has suffered an exodus with nine of eleven specialists and six senior nursing staff reported to be quitting, retiring or reducing their hours. 

(2)           Understands:—

(a)           this mass departure has been attributed to a lack of pay entitlements, in combination with unsustainable workloads resulting in stressful working conditions; and 

(b)           that the loss of this clinical expertise is saddening for patients, impacts on the retention of the remaining staff, and on the accreditation of registrars through the loss of training.  

(3)           Recognises there are insufficient staff and beds to allow patients who come into the emergency department and who need longer-term treatment, to move through into wards -  inefficiencies that can only be resolved with more funding. 

(4)           Acknowledges that the responsibility for the departure of these staff lies with the Minister for Health, Hon Michael Ferguson MP and with his decision to dramatically cut resources to the hospitals and their emergency departments.  

(5)           Calls on the Minister for Health to explain:—

(a)           how he expects hospitals to spend $18.5 million less next year than what they are expected to spend this year;

(b)           how our Emergency departments are going to absorb an additional $7 million cut;

(c)           how he will achieve his dismally small target for 2016/17 of just 64% of emergency patients being seen within the recommended triage time; and

(d)           how he will achieve the commitment he made in March 2016 to fix the broken health system, alleviate pressure on emergency departments, and free up beds.