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Heartless State Budget

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tags: State Budget, Alternative Budget

That this House:

1. Notes the 2015/16 Liberal State Budget once more holds little for Tasmanians in need;

2. Recognises the harsh cuts to Tasmania's social fabric inflicted by the previous year's Liberal State and Federal Budgets a point made strongly by the Tasmanian Council of Social Services;

3. Understands that despite their rhetoric about previous Government's 'budget mess' they have created a quite unique mess of their own, bleeding dry essential services which will go a long way to entrenching social disadvantage and poverty cycles;

4. Acknowledges that it is still possible to return to have a Budget that has both heart and vision, that still returns to surplus;

5. Notes that the Tasmanian Greens Alternative Budget would deliver strong economic and jobs outcomes while investing extra into health, education, small business, housing, climate action and environmental protection; and

6. Understands that in their mind the Liberal Government may have already done the "heavy lifting", but the weight of societal need, the inadequate response to Tasmanians doing it tough, is still well and truly on their shoulders.