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Heritage – Heritage Council Closed Meetings

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Tags: Heritage, Transparency

Ms O'CONNOR - Minister, why are Tasmanian Heritage Council meetings closed? Why is Heritage Tasmania's advice to the Heritage Council not made public?

Ms ARCHER - That is a very good question. Does Ms Guerzoni have some information on that?

Ms GUERZONI - It is a historical thing, being Heritage, it has never happened in the past. It has been discussed whether to have the meetings open, similar to local council meetings. That has been discounted in the past to allow frank discussion. It has not been considered again recently. In terms of the office's advice to the Heritage Council, members of the community can ask to see that information.

The Heritage Council has a good track of disclosing information. Its meeting minutes are available online. Much of the information comes out naturally through the meeting minutes available online but if members of the community wanted to find additional information, they can request it.

Ms ARCHER - As you would know, it is an independent body in itself.

Ms O'CONNOR - Publicly funded?

Ms ARCHER - Agreed, publicly funded, but it is a matter for the council itself.