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Heritage – Heritage Tasmania Director

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 25 November 2020

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Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you. Minister, I also want to acknowledge the outstanding and important work of Heritage Tasmania staff and make reference through this conversation to the CPSU staff survey, which I am sure alarmed you, because it certainly makes for alarming reading about a workforce of highly qualified and dedicated people who are extremely unhappy.

I listened to Ms Wilson's explanation of the process of leading cultural change and that all sounds really positive.

Minister, you previously referred to the then director as the then director in your answer and our understanding is that, as you say, he has been put onto a special project. I would be interested in getting some more information on that project, but can you confirm that the then director will not be returning to Heritage Tasmania?

Ms ARCHER - I think that's a matter for the secretary; he manages staff.

Mr BAKER - The first point I make, Ms O'Connor, is that - as you, I'm sure, are well aware - SES staff move around a lot. It's the nature of SES roles that they move around a lot and all of us who have been in SES roles for some time know that, but I can tell you it is not my intent to move the former director back to Heritage Tasmania.

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you; I'm sure there'll be plenty of staff who cheer on that answer.

Mr BAKER - Minister, in response, I think it is really important I put on the public record my thanks to the former director for the work he did. A lot of substantial positive change in the area of heritage was delivered by the former director and he served the department extremely well over a long period of time in that role.