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Heritage – LISTmap Layer

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 9 June 2022

Tags: Heritage, Planning

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you, Chair. I understand that Heritage Tasmania is developing a LISTmap heritage layout, and a searchability framework for the heritage register. Are you able to share with the committee progress on this, and timeframes on the implementation of this project?

Ms OGILVIE - I certainly can. I was very pleased to be able to meet with members of the board, and talk about this. I even looked up my own house, which was very interesting. It just goes to show that anybody can now search the register digitally. It's wonderful to be able to do that. A considerable amount of work has been going into it. The recently released online register is pivotal to allowing and enabling people to learn the stories of registered historic places and to get that detailed analysis. The information is held in the register via the LIST. I believe it will increase appreciation for Tasmania's heritage places which, as we know, is of such deep and great interest to everybody worldwide.

One of the most frequent questions people ask - and this is where the project has started - is whether a property is listed, and why. We are now able to search that. Everyone can have access to location, boundary and historic details of each register entry, along with statement of significance. Everyone from architects to landowners, story-tellers, researchers, historians and archeologists will be very keen to have access to this information. It's important to encourage owners, prospective owners, developers and the community to learn more about it, and we do think it will increase everyone's appreciation of the value of historic heritage. There are 5000 individual places on there. These are places of cultural, social and economic beauty, and we see this as a great tool.

The process of listing a place in the register, if you are interested in that -

Ms O'CONNOR - I'm interested in the LISTmap layer for heritage and what the timeframe is for the implementation of that.

Ms OGILVIE - I will ask the department; I think Andrew is probably the correct person, or Michael.

Ms WILSON - Michael, who is sitting behind us, can give us some more technical information, but it's already in place. That's part of what you launched the other day -

Ms OGILVIE - What I was talking about.

Ms WILSON - with this map. You can access the register remotely and directly look at places which wasn't possible previously. There's another stage of work coming; the Heritage Council wants to review a lot of the pages and information that's on the register for places. Some of these places have very comprehensive listings and others have quite sparse listings because for historical reasons we know are first placed on the register -

Ms OGILVIE - Yes, for accuracy as well.

Mr WILLIE - so it's an ongoing task for the council that they're working through.