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Heritage – Oura Oura Property

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Tags: Heritage

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you, Mr Baker, for that extra endorsement of the then director.

Minister, I want to go now to the listing of former Greens leader's, Bob Brown's, place at Liffey - the Oura Oura property. We'd like to understand why the listing for Mr Brown's house at Liffey was altered to remove detail around the record of what's described as the 'chainsaw massacre' and our understanding is that the then director made sure that there was no reference to the former premier's father because this was a vaguely infamous incident between Mr Brown and Michael Hodgman, but the reference to the former premier's father was removed for fear of offending the then premier.

Ms ARCHER - I don't have personal knowledge of that so I'm going to ask Ester Guerzoni to address this matter.

Ms O'CONNOR - Our understanding, just for clarification so you know the information we have and we were consulted on this, was that the original draft included a full explainer of the 'chainsaw massacre' that named both Mr Hodgman and Mr Brown, and then the then director removed reference to Mr Hodgman for fear of offending.

Mr BAKER - We'll let Ester answer.

Ms GUERZONI - I'm not aware of that situation. All I can say is that as the assessment and entry are being prepared it gets peer-reviewed by staff within the office and also by the registration manager, and in this case, it may have been done by the director as well, but I'm not aware of that particular issue.

Ms O'CONNOR - My understanding is that it was undertaken by the then director for political reasons.

Ms GUERZONI - I'm sorry, but I'm not aware of that.

Ms ARCHER - None of us have any personal knowledge of that.

Mr BAKER - Just to be clear, the director does not sign-off on that; it's signed-off by the Heritage Council so the Heritage Council would have signed off on the final datasheet. Is that correct?

Ms GUERZONI - The final version, yes.

Ms O'CONNOR - So, the Heritage Council may have made the decision to remove reference to the former premier's father for fear of offending the former premier.

Mr BAKER - That's certainly not what I'm saying.

Ms ARCHER - That's what we're saying - we don't know that aspect - but Mr Baker has confirmed the process.