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Hydro Tasmania - Overseas Projects

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Friday, 2 December 2022

Tags: Hydro Tasmania

Dr WOODRUFF - Minister, this might be a question for the CEO. Two years ago and this year we talked a lot about Hydro's overseas operations. There was a problematic involvement in the Karuma Dam project in Uganda. There is still very little publicity available about Hydro's overseas projects. Could you please provide us with some details about the overseas projects of Hydro and/or Entura that have been conducted since 1 January 2018 - a brief description of the project, the country location, the other companies involved and the value of the project? I am happy to take that on notice because it is a handful, unless you can answer it here.

Mr BARNETT - I will pass to the CEO. There are many questions in that one very comprehensive question.

Mr BROOKSBANK - Thank you, minister. Before answering that question I would like to revert back to a question on notice. The question was about the Water Management Act not requiring ministerial approval for water licences when taking from the storage.

There is a general ability of all storage owners, not just Hydro Tasmania, that where water is taken from a natural watercourse, ministerial approval would be required. We have two current agreements with Tas Irrigation: one agreement for water to be taken directly from the storage is in the Midlands Irrigation Scheme from Arthurs Lake, and the other agreement is for taking water from Lake Barrington for the Don Irrigation Scheme, which is not yet operational.

In relation to Entura's international operations, Entura has some very stringent procedures and risk criteria around the types of clients and the work it takes on. It delivers specialist power and water services that contribute to the development, operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure in Tasmania. As you've noticed, it also has an international energy and water service which provides considerable experience in the Indo-Pacific region and makes positive contributions to the clients and communities.

Entura has been involved in international assignments in 29 countries in the last five years and those assignments make up approximately 15 per cent of Entura's total revenue. We also have an office in New Delhi in India which employs engineers who contribute to projects in that region, but we also utilise them for work in Australia.

Entura derives 55 per cent of its revenue from Tasmanian assignments and therefore the balance of its revenue comes from national and international assignments, predominantly in the Pacific-New Zealand region, South-East Asia and South Asia. As I said, we operate in 29 countries. We have contracts with those clients. Not all assignments have involved travel. There are a number of activities Entura is involved in in those countries. As to the body of your question, could you repeat the bits around the particular projects?

CHAIR - The time for scrutiny has expired.