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Ideology Put Before People on Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp as Food

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Thursday, 7 April 2016

Tags: Primary Industries, Medicinal Cannabis, COAG, Trade, Hemp

That the House:—

  1. Notes:—

    1. the slow progress being made by the Hodgman Liberal Government in bringing about access for Tasmanians to both medicinal cannabis and low-THC hemp as a food product;

    2. that although a recent teleconference of Health Ministers saw a decision made to task the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) with developing a proposal on how low-THC hemp could be legally classified as a food product, the process has been prolonged and should be further progressed;

    3. that the decision made at the most recent COAG meeting for State leaders to merely note progress already made in legislating for medicinal cannabis is a bitter disappointment for patients, advocates and potential industry participants;

    4. that the Hodgman Liberal Government is letting down its constituency by allowing long held ideological beliefs to cloud the judgment of its Ministers responsible for delivering new and innovative ways of fostering health and well-being, as well as new industry;

    5. that the Greens have long been on the record as campaigning and lobbying for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis and low-THC hemp as a food product;

    6. that a letter sent by the Tasmanian Greens to the Federal Coalition Ministers for Health and Rural Health, Hon. Sussan Ley MP and Senator the Hon. Fiona Nash urging them to hasten the process to legislate for low-THC hemp as a food product went unanswered, showing that the Liberal Government at both the State and Federal level are still hanging on to old values;

    7. that although the State Government is cooperating with the NSW Government in clinical trials of medicinal cannabis, Tasmania is lagging significantly, demonstrated by the recent decision of the Premier Hon. Will Hodgman MP to lead yet another trade delegation to China, while NSW Premier Hon Mike Baird MP has chosen to lead his delegation to Israel, concentrating not only on medical marijuana research, but also innovation and cyber security; and 

    8. that the Premier, Hon. Will Hodgman MP, is on record indicating that work on medicinal cannabis must progress in a timely way; however time is running out for many people desperate to access the treatment.

  2. Calls on the Hodgman Liberal Government to show some real leadership and begin making significant steps for the legislation of both medicinal cannabis and low-THC hemp as a food product.