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Infrastructure and Transport – Electric Vehicles

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Tags: Electric Vehicles, Transport, Infrastructure, State Budget

Ms O'CONNOR - Thank you. The state Budget identified a target of 50 electric vehicles for the Government's fleet in this year's Budget but it shows there are only 39 in the fleet. Why is there such a woeful uptake of electric vehicles by government, and we won't even to get to GBEs or state-owned companies?

Mr FERGUSON - I can discuss that in a lot more detail when we have the Treasury outputs. You may be referring to the initiative in Mr Jaensch's portfolio where he and his team have sponsored, I believe, about $500 000 for 50 more vehicles in the State Service. I think it would useful to discuss that with Treasury who have the whole-of-government vehicle procurement responsibility.

Ms O'CONNOR - But you'd like to see more electric vehicles taken up by government, which has major purchasing power.

Mr FERGUSON - Yes, agreed.

CHAIR - In the time we have left, do you want to respond to the question?

Mr FERGUSON - We have extra information to the earlier questions. There's a bit here so if there's time available.

Mr SWAIN - In relation to the northern transit corridor, the corridor width cross-profile is 11-13 metres, providing for two rapid bus lanes of 3.5-metre widths and a cycle width of 3 4 metres. The reference to 11 metres is that can be used for short narrow sections of the corridor. We'd prefer 13 metres but 11 metres can be designed too. The cross-sections are based on conventional busways and will support conventional buses used by Metro and 18 metre articulated multidoor rapid buses.

In relation to rapid buses, the service frequency is 15 to 30 minutes, as described previously. The travel time from Glenorchy to Hobart we've approximated at 12 minutes. No capacities have been made at this point about capacity and vehicle type is yet to be considered. This will happen over the next six to nine months as we consult with key stakeholders, including councils.