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Ireland Says Yes to Marriage Equality

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tags: Marriage Equality

That this House -

1.    Notes that in last Friday’s historic referendum on same sex marriage 62.1% of Irish voters said ‘yes’;

2.    Notes that Ireland has become the 19th country to allow same sex marriage and that same sex marriage is also legal in 32 US states.

3.    Notes that the Irish Minister for Health Leo Varadkar said the overwhelming yes vote makes Ireland a “beacon of light” for the rest of the world in terms of liberty and equality;

4.    Notes that Fairfax media reported last week that if Federal Liberal MPs and Senators were given a free vote that a Marriage Equality Bill would pass both Houses of Parliament;

5.    Notes that Tasmania missed the opportunity to be the ‘beacon of light’ for Australia and become the first State to allow marriage equality; and,

6.    Calls on Australian politicians to embrace equality, fairness and human dignity and legislate for marriage equality.