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Kangaroo Bay Foreshore Development - Office of Coordinator-General

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Tuesday, 21 May 2019

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The Kangaroo Bay foreshore, once public land, was sold to the Shandong Chambroad petrochemical company behind the closed doors of the Office of Coordinator-General despite massive community opposition. Now taxpayers' funds are being spent to fly Mr Perry to Binzhou China on a rescue mission for this divisive development. Despite Mr Perry's assertions there is no reason other than the Kangaroo Bay development for him to visit Binzhou it is an oil refinery centre not a centre for agriculture or education. It is a very long way from Tasmania's established relationships in Fujian.

We understand there is significant fragility in the Chinese petrochemical market and Chambroad may be under substantial pressure from China's big three national oil operators. The last thing the people of Clarence need - given it never had community support - is a dodgy developer with shaky financials to half build a hotel and leave an unfinished eyesore on prime Kangaroo Bay foreshore.

Why are you really sending the Coordinator-General over to Binzhou? What is the actual problem and will you release the cost to taxpayers for this rescue delegation?



Madam Speaker, I thank the member for the question and the very clear illustration of the difference between this Government which supports economic growth, progress, investments in important things like education. The anti-development, anti-everything Greens - the contrast could not be clearer.

This project, which includes a boutique hotel linked to the international hospitality college, will be a game changer for the sector, also for the eastern shore, in a very special part of the eastern shore. As a local member, I know many people in the community support what is occurring by way of development in that area. It is certainly normal process and practice for meetings to occur between developers and key stakeholders of which the Office of the Coordinator-General is one. It is an $85 million redevelopment that will deliver a globally leading international hospitality management college linked to the boutique hotel, restaurants and conference facilities.

The forthcoming meetings in China. which will be attended by the Mayor of the Clarence City Council, Doug Chipman, and the Coordinator-General, John Perry, will include meetings in the cities of Binzhou and [TBC??] to emphasise that bringing the Kangaroo Bay development to fruition is a priority for the Tasmanian Government and the Clarence City Council. It is vital that we continue to promote our state as a place to invest in and that includes in China as our largest trading partner.

It is planned that the Coordinator-General and the Mayor of Clarence City Council, Mr Chipman, will visit China. The purpose is to strengthen the relationship with Shandong Province in China and to demonstrate support for existing and future Chinese investment in Tasmania. It is also to assist in building our strategic relationships to emphasise the importance of international trade and investment to our state. Meetings will occur with the government of Binzhou during the mission to discuss investment in agriculture, tourism and education, and to articulate the importance of the Kangaroo Bay development. It also provides an opportunity -

Members interjecting.

Mr HODGMAN - You asked why they are going and I am telling you.

It is an important opportunity also for the Clarence City Council to build on its friendship city cooperation in line with the memorandum of understanding between the cities of Clarence and Binzhou which was signed in May 2017. A meeting will also occur with the Chairman of Shandong Chambroad Holdings to emphasise that bringing the project at Kangaroo Bay to fruition is a high priority, not only for this Government but for the Clarence City Council.

Any costs that are incurred by the state will be disclosed at a time that they are known. I am not going to speculate as to that until those costs are known. That also demonstrates that the Greens are not interested in the facts. They are only interested in whipping up fear, hysteria and talking down development opportunities for our state.