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kunanyi Cable Car-Enabling Legislation

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Tags: Cable Car, kunanyi/Mt Wellington


Last week the planning tribunal upheld the decision of the Hobart City Council and strongly rejected, on 18 of 26 grounds, the planning permit for the proposed cable car on kunanyi-Mt Wellington. This is a win for the community that has fought so hard to defend the mountain, and a clear signal to the proponent, its shareholders, and supporters that their planned cableway and privatisation of the pinnacle is just not going to fly.

In 2017, your Government introduced specific enabling legislation to help the proponent and allow for the compulsory acquisition of kunanyi's summit. Premier, will you now rule out doing so again, or in any way using the resources of your Government to breathe life into this divisive, unpopular project?



Mr Speaker, I thank the member for her question. Our Government has always been a very strong supporter of a cable car on kunanyi-Mt Wellington as it will not only provide a more sustainable and accessible visitation strategy -

Ms O'Connor - What a load of garbage.

Mr ROCKLIFF - The problem is still there, is it not? It also has the potential to bring significant investment to our state, create new jobs, both during construction and once operational, and provide a sustainable transport solution.

Ms O'Connor - How is it sustainable?

Mr ROCKLIFF - Following the recent decision by TASCAT -

Dr Woodruff - It has been rejected by TASCAT.

Mr SPEAKER - Order. Everyone in this place has different views about different issues. You are allowed to express them in this place but not interject on another member when they have a different view. If that continues, I will be forced to ask you to leave.

Ms O'Connor - Thank you for your guidance, Mr Speaker, but I note that Labor has been heckling all through their questions and were not pulled up.

Mr Rockliff - They are very quiet now, though.

Ms O'Connor - Because they support us.

Mr ROCKLIFF - Following the recent decision by TASCAT, I understand the proponent has expressed disappointment with the decision and is taking time to consider its position. Next steps are a matter for the proponent.

However, I want to be very clear that our Government is about delivering a plan that secures Tasmania's future in terms of every sustainable opportunity possible. One that supports sustainable access to our parks for Tasmanians and visitors, and investment, jobs and economic prosperity is very important.

Ms O'CONNOR - Point of order, Mr Speaker. Could the Premier address the question, which is can he rule out introducing further enabling legislation for the project?

Mr SPEAKER - As has been stated in this place many times, I cannot inform the Premier on how he should be answering a question. If we sit back and listen, I am sure the Premier will get to the relevance of the question.

Mr ROCKLIFF - Thank you, Mr Speaker. As I say, the next steps are a matter for the proponent. If the cable car does not go ahead, we will always consider the necessity of other sustainable options for the mountain, in collaboration with the council. I am not going to rule in or out -

Dr Woodruff - Define what you mean.

Mr ROCKLIFF - My view is that it is a sustainable solution. I understand that it is controversial. I reckon many Tasmanians support the cable car.

Dr Woodruff - No, where's the basis for that? The tribunal doesn't support it. The Aboriginal community doesn't support it.

Mr SPEAKER - Order.

Mr ROCKLIFF - I think a lot of people in southern Tasmania, in Hobart, support the cable car. The challenge of sustainable transport solutions is still there and present, so you can celebrate if you wish but the challenges still remain in terms of a sustainable solution in terms of transport on Mount Wellington.

I know the member has a bill to debate today. I cannot anticipate the order of the day but we will not be supporting you because we believe that we need to consider options, given the challenges are still present, despite the decision made last week.