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Lapoinya Logging

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tags: Lapoinya, Native Forest Logging, Threatened Species, Giant Freshwater Lobster

That this House:

1.     Notes with regret that Forestry Tasmania are still intent on logging Coupe FD053 at Lapoinya in the State’s north west;

2.     Notes further that objection by the Tasmanian community at the determination of FT to level the native forest at Lapoinya is ongoing and gaining momentum, with another public meeting held as recently as last weekend;

3.     Acknowledges that although the coupe is home to the Giant Freshwater Lobster, listed as ‘vulnerable’ in accordance with the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995 and ‘endangered’ in accordance with the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, that no Astacopsis Gouldi survey has been conducted to establish the presence, or otherwise, of the lobster;

4.     Recognises further that the coupe is also home to the Burrowing Crayfish, Masked Owl and Platypus;

5.     Acknowledges that studies need to be conducted to establish the existence of Tasmanian Devil habitat and Aboriginal artefact zones;

6.     Acknowledges that a carbon audit has been undertaken at the coupe and that to leave it standing would result in an estimated carbon value of $4,000 per hectare;

7.     Acknowledges further the estimations made in accordance with the carbon counting has identified that clear felling the coupe will result in a cash loss of $1,000 per hectare, an accounting loss of $5,000 per hectare, and a total social loss equating to approximately $8,000 per hectare; and

8.     Further, this House calls for:

a)     Resources Minister Paul Harriss MP to urgently undertake his duty of care as shareholder Minister and ensure Forestry Tasmania complete all relevant surveys and studies to identify the existence of endangered and vulnerable species and Aboriginal heritage;

b)    The Minister to liaise with FT and identify the reasons, in light of the obvious losses associated with clear felling the coupe, why the agency is so intent on logging this particular coupe; and

c)     The Minister to immediately direct Forestry Tasmania to cease any plans for logging operations in this coupe while studies, surveys and audits are undertaken.