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Large Developers the Winners in Government's Statewide Planning Provisions

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Tags: Tasmanian Planning Commission

That the House:—

(1)           Notes the State-wide Planning Provisions (SPPs) have been released for public comment.

(2)           Acknowledges that the changes contained in the State-wide Planning Provisions will have significant ramifications for ordinary Tasmanians.

(3)           Recognises that the State-wide Planning Provisions in their current form will:—

(a)           facilitate market-driven ad hoc development for the benefit of large developers by reducing barriers to unfettered growth and development, including the watering down of planning controls;

(b)           facilitate the degradation of the characteristics of many unique and valued places to Tasmanians, in both natural and built environments;

(c)           reduce opportunities for the community to participate in planning matters at all levels;

(d)           increase the Planning Minister’s power to intervene in planning matters at the same time as decreasing the scope and powers of the independent Tasmanian Planning Commission; and

(e)           put pressure on vulnerable ecosystems including through the removal of the Environmental Living Zone and through the permitted clearing of threatened vegetation.

(4)           Understands that planning laws are supposed to regulate development for the community’s benefit by adhering to informed long-term planning principles, and that many of the proposed State-wide Planning Provisions are inconsistent with this fundamental purpose.

(5)           Calls on the Government to:—

(a)           amend the State-wide Planning Provisions to conform to sound planning principles rather than to facilitate market-driven development;

(b)           communicate properly to the public the central importance of these proposed State-wide Planning Provisions, how the planning reforms should be designed to serve communities, and how the proposed State-wide Planning Provisions can usher in a faster, fairer, simpler and cheaper Planning system;

(c)           introduce more transparency in the consultation process, so that ordinary Tasmanians can understand and contribute to this very important planning reform process;

(d)           protect local community qualities that are valued by residents, and which are the very qualities that attract visitors and new residents to Tasmania;

(e)           unveil their guidelines for determining high conservation areas and zoning decisions; and

(f)            ensure the continued protection of our natural environment including through re-introducing the Environmental Living Zone, reversing the decision to restrict the application of the Environmental Management Zone to public land, and explaining how priority vegetation is to be mapped by the State Government.