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Liberals Failing to Aid Dairy Farmers in Transition to Organic

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tags: Primary Industries, Dairy Industry, Drought, China, Floods

Ms Dawkins to move—That the House:—

(1) Notes:-

(a) the recent announcement by Tasmanian baby food and infant formula manufacturer, Bellamy’s, that it will source its milk from within the State if local dairy farms convert to certified organic;

(b) that currently Bellamy’s sources some organic fruit and vegetables from Tasmania, but is unable to source organic milk;

(c) that Tasmania’s dairy farmers are struggling to turn a profit after a combination of drought and floods affected production which was exacerbated by the current milk glut and retrospective price cuts for milk solids;

(d) the surge in local and international sales of Bellamy’s organic products, with the company revealing sales to China have grown by over 300 per cent;

(e) that China forms a massive part of the market for organic dairy products and that much of that market remains untapped;

(f) the statement made by the Honourable Member for Bass, Ms Courtney, conceding that organic dairy farming is a way to grow and value-add to the struggling industry, citing the Liberal Government’s AgriVision 2050 plan as the answer;

(g) that, to date, no traditional dairy farms have been enabled to transition, indicating that yet another Liberal plan is failing; and

(h) the Greens proposal for a feasibility study to be undertaken to explore and identify timely and effective avenues for dairy farmers to transition to certified organic.

(2) Calls on the Minister for Primary Industries, Hon. Jeremy Rockliff MP, to listen to those that understand the industry and the market and to take immediate and further steps to assist dairy farmers to succeed in what we know are very dire economic times