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Liberals Policy Breaches the National Firearms Agreement

Rosalie Woodruff MP

Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Tags: National Firearms Agreement, Gun Control

That the House:

(1) Notes the Liberal Party developed a secret policy to weaken firearm laws with the shooting lobby before the election;

(2) Notes the Liberals have denied claims that the policy is in breach of the national firearms agreement;

(3) Notes the Liberals’ policy includes extending firearms licences to operate for 10 years;

(4) Acknowledges clause 34(d) of the National Firearms Agreement says a licence must “be issued for a period of no more than five years”;

(5) Notes the Liberals’ policy includes no longer confiscating firearms for some, unspecified, storage offences;

(6) Acknowledges clause 44(b) of the National Firearms Agreement requires that a storage offence must result in confiscation of firearms;

(7) Notes the Liberals’ policy includes extending category C firearms to users not allowed access to category C firearms under the National Firearms Agreement;

(8) Notes the Liberals’ policy includes creating a category E for firearms that are currently prohibited, also in violation of the National Firearms Agreement;

(9) Agrees the Liberals have been dishonest when claiming their policy does not breach the National Firearms agreement;

(10) Acknowledges that Gun Control Australia has said that the policy “represents an extreme threat to public safety”;

(11) Condemns the Liberal Party for secretively releasing a policy which, if enacted, would undermine the National Firearms Agreement.