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Mental Health and Wellbeing – Working with Vulnerable People

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Monday, 6 June 2022

Tags: Mental Health, Working with Vulnerable People

Dr WOODRUFF - Thank you very much. Minister, I have a question about the registration for working with vulnerable people. The ACT has a broader purview on who is captured under the requirement to register to work with vulnerable people, they regulate activities that include amongst other things mental health and addiction services. Do you agree that people using those services can be vulnerable, and, that services should be regulated under the registration to work with vulnerable people regulations, and, will you investigate that and work with the Minister for Justice in making some changes to the act?

Mr ROCKLIFF - I am advised that we are currently looking at expanding the working with vulnerable people process throughout the Health department to cover all employees. Is that correct Ms Morgan-Wicks? Would you like to provide some more information?

Ms MORGAN-WICKS - Through the minister, we are currently examining and working with Justice, who are responsible for that particular act, but the health executive had committed to having all Health employees registered to work with vulnerable people under the act, but, obviously that is a large number, and we are working through that in a staged process with Justice.

Dr WOODRUFF - And in relation to the specific groups that I mentioned, will you look at that as well?

Ms MORGAN-WICKS - To the extent that they are our employees, we are happy to consider the issue generally across the health sector and provide Health-relevant advice through to the Department of Justice and through to the Attorney-General.

Dr WOODRUFF - Oh, so you wouldn't cover non-state employees under the working with vulnerable people regulations? Wouldn't that capture all people working with designated vulnerable people?

Ms MORGAN-WICKS - Through the minister, Health is not responsible for the act or the regulations, we are able to comment in relation to what we do with our own employees.