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Metro Tasmania – Integrated Ticketing

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Tags: Metro Tasmania, Public Transport

Ms O'CONNOR - On integrated ticketing, I've been attending the Tasmanian Bus conference for many, many years. Each time we gather, there's a conversation about integrated ticketing, and each time we have a pledge from a minister that work is being done on integrated ticketing. Nothing seems to have shifted. Is there any hope for a time line for the introduction of integrated ticketing?

Mr FERGUSON - Again, we've done a reasonable job of updating the committee on progress. I am happy to respond further, but the Government took to the election the best public transport policy that has been taken to an election by any side of politics.

Ms O'CONNOR - Not better than ours.

Mr FERGUSON - It was even acknowledged by the Rail, Tram and Bus Union, who are not always the greatest supporters of Liberal policies.

Ms O'CONNOR - You did adopt our single transport authority model, I see, which is good.

Mr FERGUSON - We're happy to provide as much information as we are able, noting that we are in the middle of a procurement process, so I'm not sure how much we can add within the probity rules.

If Mr Gardner would like to respond further to the question, I'm encouraging him to do so, noting that we will deliver. It's an important initiative, and something the previous government did not make a priority. We are making it a priority and we are funding it.

Ms O'CONNOR - You have been in Government for eight years. I will just remind you of that when you talk about priorities.

Mr GARDNER - We have been working solidly since we had the budget commitment for the funding that we required to complete the project. We have a project director and project team established, and there is a critical decision point on actually which way we go in the new year - and at that point, depending on which path we take, we will then know how long that is going to take to implement. We want this as much as anyone. We need this, so we are driving it. Katie's team is driving it. We are very pleased that we are actually in motion with this project.

Ms O'CONNOR - Thanks, Mr Gardner. Part of my question is when.

Mr GARDNER - Unfortunately, unless Katie has anything further to add, we cannot say when, because we are in the middle of a process which involves different procurement options. I cannot talk about that because I cannot categorically say to you this time frame. Early in the new year, we expect to be at a decision point that will then define that time frame.