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Migrant Resource Centre in Launceston

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Thursday, 17 August 2017

Tags: Multicultural Affairs

Andrea Dawkins MP to move -

That the house –

1.     Recognise the work of the Migrant Resource Centre in Launceston, who deliver services and provide support to humanitarian entrants, migrants and culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Northern Tasmania.

2.     Notes the MRC in Launceston has had a significant history of success in assisting thousands of CALD clients to settle and integrate well in the Northern Tasmanian community.

3.     Notes that its programs cover the areas of youth, employment, business and community development, immigration and cultural awareness training.  It has also provided humanitarian settlement services for Northern Tasmania for well over ten years.

4.     Recognise that the federally funded Humanitarian Settlement Services contract will not be renewed at the MRC (Nth Tas), with the new equivalent contract awarded to an interstate service provider.

5.     Notes that;

a)     The MRC continues to have highly trained and capable specialist settlement staff, and is a significant employer in the settlement sector in Launceston.

b)    The MRC has an extensive service delivery infrastructure in place, and continues to have networks and relationships that facilitate positive outcomes for humanitarian clients.

c)     The activities of the MRC contribute substantially to the Launceston economy, through the settlement of people, the employment of skilled staff, and the acquittal of program funds directly into local businesses.

6.     Congratulates the MRC for their long-term work in Humanitarian settlement and CALD services, thanks them for providing a highly regarded settlement service for over a decade, and supports any efforts they make to attract new programs and projects.